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Price: D M Price: D M 9 8. Urodynamics are helpful in the functional testing of urine voiding disorders. The basic methods, such as uroflowmetry, inflow and outflow cystometry, urethral pressure measurement, filling cystometry, are described and evaluated in great detail, quoting also data about the practicability of more recent procedures: synchronous uro-video-cystourethrograpby, sacral evoked responses, etc, Hints for the interpretation of findings obtained with urodynamics are followed by a discussion how to apply it clinically in juvenile and adult p a t i e n t s and further by particular problems referring to geriatrics and to the neuropathic bladder.

l c prosztatitisrel

In conclusion the authors describe the organization of urodynamic units and, in addition to a copious selection of literary references to facilitate prostatitis és funduk studies, give a list of companies producing urodynarnic devices.

The, book is a source of help for urodynamic tests to turn into routine and, pointing out the advantages whenever they are applicable to a particular case, will be appreciated a s a valuable aid by practicing urologists. This book contains a lot of up-to-date information on the rapid development recorded in the last few decades in connection with postoperative thromboembolism, the latest results of research and the relevant literature. The frequency of thromboembolic complications is studied after surgical, urological, gynaecological and orthopaedic operations, with light cast also on the pathogenesis of t; hromboembolism, on geographic, seasonal and other risk factors.

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Considerable space is assigned to the prophylaxis of thronaboembolism, including mechanical methods, furthermore numerous groups of anticoagulants low-dose heparin, dihydroergotamide, platelet-inftuencing agents, dextran, etc.

Careful assessments are put forward of the results attainable with each of these compounds in various clinical situations.

l c prosztatitisrel

A n extensive list of references, the outcome of careful selection, will efficiently help every concerned researcher. The book. Szendrdi W. Price: ,~ Reflections on the origin and spread of urothelial cancer are followed by a set of essays discussing questions of diagnosis in the early stage, urine cytology, the action of ABH antigens, the informative values of studies by means of the scanning electron microscope, with reference to exfoliative cytology.

One chapter l c prosztatitisrel is devoted l c prosztatitisrel tumour immunology, classification and staging of vesical carcinoma. Several papers are treating superficial and invasive forms of urothelial cancer chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapyfinally a few lectures discuss questions of metaslatic processes.

The book contributes, by means of indepth studies, to throwing light on the partly still open problems of bladder carcinoma. It provides valuable information for the practical urologist, oncologist as well as the theoretical researcher. Szendrdi R. BROWN ed.

Prostatitis 27 éves Press, Lancaster Price: s The drawings, könyvek a prosztatitis kezeléséről and radiographs are of impeccable quality, and always up to t h e point.

There are 20 chapters, covering the entire domain of l c prosztatitisrel, from embryological aspects through anatomy and physiology up to the latest rnethods of urologic diagnostics.

l c prosztatitisrel

Separate sections are concerned with urndynamics, with problems of infection and dysuria, with urogenital tumours and lithiasis and with the state of obstruction. The authors wind up with discussions of renal failure, hypertension and some questions of andrology. International Urology and Nephrology 16, It will prove a useful manual for the medical student, urologic surgeon and for the general practitioner whenever he is caIled upon to face l c prosztatitisrel problem of urology.

Szendr6i J. Each setting out from an actual case, contains the relevant clinical and physiological points, together with the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects.

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There follows a spontaneous question-and-answer discussion, throwing light on occasional contradictions and uncertainties. The discussed themes belong under the following groups: 1.

Cancer 98 6— DOI : PMID Urol 1—5. Frontiers in Bioscience 11, —

Thus the book covers a wide field of nephrology, setting forth l c prosztatitisrel latest views relevant to each pathologic form. Fitted as it is with plentiful documentary material and an adequate selection of literary references, the book suggests itself for study to the widest ranks of practical nephrologists, internists and urologists.

Simon B. Insight and Prospects.

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Butterworths, London The attained results are backed by extensive research and clinical work which the authors have proposed to sum up. The book falls into three parts. Part 1 is treating pathogenic aspects, with reference to the role that bacterial virulence and host defence are playing in renal infection.

Further Book Reviews points include asymptomatic bacteriuria, localization of infections and long-term prognosis. Part 2 is concerned with special aspects of urology and nephrology, such as the significance of prostatitis, interrelations of lithiasis and infection, urinary stasis, etc. More special problems may arise when pregnancy or kidney transplantation associates with urinary infection.

l c prosztatitisrel

Part 3, reviewing the new l c prosztatitisrel of therapy, is discussing, for instance, the prophylactic application of antibiotics in urologic surgery, the renal complications of drug therapy, secondary effects of antimicrobial therapy, etc. The latest approaches of science to the theme of infection of the urinary tract are brought to bear throughout the book.

Each chapter is complete with an ample list of references. The book provides a lot of useful information for the bacteriologist, clinician, urologJist, nephrologist and also for the general[ practitioner, whenever he is facing a case of urinary infection. Z, Szendr3 " J. Steinkopff Verlag, Darmstadt Prior to the clinical aspects, the author describes the anatomy and physiology of the ureterovesical connection, the experimental results obtained with reference to VUR, then discusses the frequency of the disease, the causative role of various pathogenic factors and the consequences of YUR.

Next follow questions of symptomatology, contemporary diagnostic procedures, points of conservative and surgical therapy. The therapeutic results are prostatitis olajok kezelése on the basis of the author's own material, compared with literary data.

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There is a section on complications and on plastic antireflux operations. The closing section deals with the prognosis of VUR. This review of the V U R problems, considering their significance in juvenile urology and reflecting the author's aiming at a possible completeness, is a real gap-filler in the literature. While written primarily for the practical clinician, it touches on numerous experimental and embryological aspects.

Complete with an abundance of literary references, it constitutes a thorough and precise source of information for the specialist.

Szendr6i G. In the 25 chapters of the present work, 36 eminent researchers, pathologists and clinicians sum up the contemporary knowledge about prostatic cancer. Every chapter closes, in a novel fashion, with an "Editorial Comment", either adding complementary points on basis of the latest literature or reflecting the editor's personal opinions.

The first part of the book is dealing with clinical aspects of prostatic cancer.

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It starts with an historic review of the disease as laid down in European urologic records, together with questions of epidemiology and staging. Particular stress, as far as problems of treatment are concerned, is laid on the strategy of individual therapy and on the principle l c prosztatitisrel continual re-evaluation.

There is a separate chapter on the significance of the German annual preventive check-up examination.

Nem befolyásolják a nyálkahártyák állapotát, és tartalmaznak kisebb mellékhatásokat és ellenjavallatokat. A miotróp görcsoldók csoportjából a drotaverin és a paraverin leggyakrabban előírás. A foszfodiészteráz 4 gátlója. Ezért a drotaverin hatékonysága a legmagasabb a húgyutak, a belek és az epeutak körüli görcsökben. A Drotaverine-alapú gyógyszerek enyhe gyulladásgátló hatással is rendelkeznek.

Thoroughly elaborated sections are discussing the role of aspiration biopsy and cytology in the primary diagnosis and in follow-up examinations. In the chapter on pathology and classification the authors present evaluations of the German system International Urology and Nephrology t6, I Book Revwws of prostatic carcinoma registry and of the work performed by the British Prostate Group.

Among diagnostic markers the role of acid phosphatase in serum and bone marrow is analysed at flomax prostatitis reddit length. Carefully investigated further questions include the modern therapeutic approach to prostatic carcinoma, sometimes under consideration of particular points, such as the trends and prospects of radical prostatectomy in Europe where the pertaining views are rather divided.

A vilg vltozik s vele egyrittmi is' Fokozatosan,egyre tgul tudatta sziiletnek. Amikor ez a kcinyv a vilgot, j stij fe ismersek szeml jrik az akkori legjobbtudsombirtokbanajnlottamtncjknek megol. Abban AMNP 01 prostatitisrel helyzetben tartom. Ktilcjnoserr megfogott alapanyagrgygyhatsr termszetes Folykony stabilizlt oxign koncentrtum.

Next follows a discussion on radiation therapy and a very thorough assessment of hormone therapy. Opinions differ about the feasibility of transurethral resection, in dealing with prostatic cancer.

There are separate chapters on the application and the chemotherapy of Estraeyt and Cyproterone acetate.

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The second part of the book contains the experimental aspects: model experiments, immunologic tests, hormonal interrelations, the examination of steroid receptors, etc.

New facts are being recorded in the chapters dealing with protein hormones l c prosztatitisrel antiprolactin. Highly interesting are the details revealed in the closing chapters about stereology, histophotometry and nucleic acid determination in diagnosis and in therapy monitoring.

The book reviewed in this brief summary contains a wealth of new information on the clinical and experimental aspects of prostatic cancer, bringing to mind the substantial progress that has been recorded in recent decades.

l c prosztatitisrel

Additional features are: the copious list of literary references, the excellent documentary material and the careful editorial work. The book, as a real treasure of urologic literature, will be appreciated for the help it affords to the oncologist, clinician and the theoretical researcher.

Szendr~i A. Wolfe Medical Publications Ltd. International Urology and Nephrology 16, i~84 There are there introductory chapters: 1. The atlas, no doubt, will prove as a valuable aid for doctors and nurses, physiotherapists and other specialists, for all on whom it is incumbent to take care of the ailing elderly and to look after them.

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Horvdth A. Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart-New York The proceedings are published in this book in the form of lectures, giving a l c prosztatitisrel view of the subject.

In recent years l c prosztatitisrel ultrasound methods of diagnosis have widely spread, gained ground in practical application and have improved. The entire material is divided into sections according to themes discussed. A comprehensive introductory report, dealing with methodologic questions of the procedure, points to the probable course of future development and the chances it offers for experiraents. The next chapters are concerned with changes in the abdominal organs, kidney, the female and male genital tract, with the subsidiary control function of ultrasound particularly in surgery e.

Special and partly new fields of application have suggested themselves in ophthalmology and paediatrics. The book, by its demonstration of ultrasound as a practical device of diagnostic Book Reviews value, can be uro a prosztatitisről to arouse wide interdisciplinary interest.

Szentirmay W. Price: M Part 1, covering pages, reviews the incidence of complications after various surgical interventions, presenting the material in tabular form~ with reference to the list of literary data which makes up the body of Part 2.

To know the risks involved in a medical intervention is of utmost importance indeed for the clinician who must in each case weigh the expected advantage against the possible damage, occasionally disclosing it to the patient, too.

The abundant stock of information on the character of complications incident to the traditional and the recent forms of surgery' relies on objective statistical data and renders invaluable help. Price: For this purpose he reviews the traditional elements of diagnosis one by one, together with all the modern procedures that may be indispensable in a given case. The items of information are ranged, in a somewhat unusual l c prosztatitisrel, in alphabetical order; thus when even a single finding has been identified, the diagnostic evaluation can follow in an orderly fashion.

The therapy to be applied in each form of disease is also described briefly. It is to be hoped that the items of information, as divided in this book into a grouped system, will be helpful for the practical urologist to do his daily work. Sarl6s L. Mdday D.